7.62x39 deer bullets


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What do or would you use if hunting close range whitetails with an AR platform chambered in 7.62x39?
I’ve never shot a deer with a 7.62x39 but I’ve killed a few hogs with one of mine. Hornady used to load them with a plastic tipped bullet, but I can’t find them now. I found them at Cabelas once and bought five boxes I think, still have a good many. Russian loads under the Silver Bear name is what I’ve mainly used. The cartridge itself has 30-30 Winchester ballistics so find a comparable load and you’ll be fine. Soft points may be hard to find so if you find them, buy several boxes.
My USAF buddy lives near Manassas, Virginia where doe tags are virtually unlimited. He hunts with a CZ carbine and shoots 123 grain soft tip ammo by Winchester. Good lethal bullet performance. He kills about 7 or 8 does per year and donates to the local food bank. - TR
I'd look to load the Nosler Ballistic tips or the E-Tips.

There's also loaded ammo, but not currently available. If it's going to be available, I'd guess it would be soon. Set alerts on the Nosler, Winchester Deer Season XP and Remington Core-lokt.