7/25/16 - First Hunt from Stand


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I put this hunt live on my thread in my signature line but decided I would put it here too...

I have a big white boar hog using our place that I wanted to sort out


so yesterday afternoon about 6:30 pm I headed out the door with my old 30/30 to go sit a stand he has been fairly active at just before dark. I jumped the doe with triplets while I was easing through the woods. I got to my stand and got in for the wait.


I was sitting there and in a few minutes I heard something coming and got ready but it was just a raccoon...


The feeder went off at 7:30 and a little while later I heard something else coming...not what I was looking for...yet!


The deer walked by at 10 yards from my tree. I could hear deer blowing where the buck came from and the buck trained his attention on his back trail. I heard something coming up his trail and it was a single coyote. The buck startled and ran about 60 yards so I decided to shoot the coyote. At the shot he collapsed and never moved again. You can see him in the photo below - dead...


I figured buck was long gone but a few minutes later he walked around behind me toward a mineral lick about 150 yards from me. A doe walked the same path he did and got my wind and started blowing but they calmed down and went on their way...piggie never showed...

I jumped 3 groups of deer easing back to our house...
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That's a big pig! Do you have a lot of hogs on your place?
In 2014 we had none using our place. In late winter and spring of 2015 we had 3 boar hogs using it. They never travelled together and were always seen as singles. I killed 1 in November while rifle deer hunting. I was hunting the cow guys place for turkeys this spring with permission and had met up and was talking with 3 turkey hunters that had permission as well when piggy #2 walked up and we got 3 3" shotshell rounds into him at 15 yards, knocked him down. He ran off and we never found him or blood but he is absolutely gone so I assume he died from it. This white hog is the last of the 3 boars but just a little ways down the road they are an epidemic so I suppose we will have more by next year...
You think that buck new it wasnt deer season :)
We have a bunch of folks living in small cabins in this area that are subsistence hunters that skirt the law and kill what they need which is why you never see a deer in an opening in our area :(
We have a bunch of folks living in small cabins in this area that are subsistence hunters that skirt the law and kill what they need which is why you never see a deer in an opening in our area :(

You need to teach them to hog hunt, two birds one stone!
I guess I should follow up on this story some. I have already told it in my Property thread but forgot to put it here so I will now...

This was Saturday morning the 6th of August...

"As I already mentioned I woke up early this morning to a thunderstorm. My plan was to go out and sit in a stand before daylight and watch for the hog once it started getting light but it was pouring.

Our DSL went out right after I posted the last screenshot of the rain storm so I watched tv for awhile and at first gray light I put on my waterproof jacket and headed out with my old Marlin 30-30.

I went by the first food plot and nothing was moving there so I headed to the feeder where I killed the coyote a few days ago. There was nothing there but the corn was all gone and you could tell from the rooting the hog was just there so I eased deeper into our property along the old logging road that runs down the center of our place. I had gone about 200 yards when I looked to my right and saw the hog rooting in the woods so I raised my 30-30 and fired! At the shot the hog just took off running and was out of sight immediately. I looked where he was for blood and there was absolutely none. I moved the direction he had gone and came to our north plot but he was nowhere to be found there. I decided to look in the woods on the west side of the plot and as soon as I stepped into the woods I spotted him through the trees. He was DONE!

Way too big to move by hand so I came home and rode my tractor back there and was able to worm my tractor through the trees to him. The bucket on my tractor is a 72" or 6' bucket...






I am so tickled to get this done because this hog was working over our clover plots, wallowing in our ponds, eating everything we put out for the deer...

This is the last of 3 boar hogs we had and I shot all 3 of them :)"
Too big for sausage?

Yes sir... at least for me he was... I have killed too many of these deals and spent good money for processing and threw out way too much meat after trying to eat it to get sucked into that trap again... If it was a Sow that size I would eat her. If it was a young 100 lb boar. I would eat him but once those boars get older and bigger out in the wild the meat becomes unfit for human consumption in my opinion...