2020 Buck Pole

Pennsylvania was and is a 1-Buck state as well.

Lots of guys I knew hunted archery just for the chance at a big one. They wouldn’t shoot a small one and “ruin” their Gun Season.

That said, anyone who would not be happy with That Buck is Crazy!!!

Awesome Deer.

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Congratulations to you and your buddy; that is a great deer definitely worthy of using up your tag even in the first minute of the season.
Great buck ! Congrats to your buddy. Texas is a three buck state, but only in certain areas. Here in East Texas, we are allowed two bucks (but one has to be a spike and the other 13” or more inside). I don’t kill spikes unless they are 2.5 or older, and they are rare. We can kill a 13” buck in another county which is why some of us hunt in different counties. I seldom kill more than one buck a year but it lets me continue to hunt legally. Can’t ever tell when you might see THE ONE !
Florida is now a 5-Deer State. Two of which can be a Doe.

So any combination of Bucks n Does (2 max) or all Bucks.

That just started I think 2 years ago. Before that it was Open Season of 2-Bucks a Day all season long.

Lots of guys about lost their lids over the rule change. But the FWC did several years of research and surveys before they changed it.

Believe it or not their were guys saying they “needed” 10-20 Deer a year to “feed my family”.

However if you kept asking questions you found that they actually kept 3-5 for themselves and gave all the rest away to whomever would take it.

Age Class was mostly 1-2 yr old deer. It seems to be changing. This year so far I’m seeing way more older class deer photos showing up.

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He’s seriously considering taking a trip to CO for otc rifle elk hunting in a few weeks.