2017 Deer Pictures

Fantastic, I remember my first archery buck like it was yesterday. I still get excited just thinking about it. His smile says everything.
Congrats to both of you ! My first was an 8 month old doe, but it couldn't have been better if it had been a trophy buck, and I'm sure he felt the same. Good stuff !
Your son has a very knowledgeable teacher Mennoniteman; He has starting off running with his first bow hunted deer at an early age. If he continues, just think someday you maybe the student again and he the teacher. Congratulations to both of you.
My 16 yrold son is on a roll this year. We were waiting on a cold weather front and the right wind to put him in our best spot in an open hangon tree stand, it all came together tonight, and he got his first archery buck, a 4 1/2 yr old P&Y buck at that. I'm guessing it'll net 135. I kept telling him if you keep doing everything right eventually good things will happen, this proved the point.WP_20171016_20_25_07_Pro (2).jpg
A heart shot at thirty yards with 65lb Matthews Z7 & 2 blade rage.
Talk about setting the bar high. Man "O" man what a deer. Some people go their whole life and never kill a deer that nice. Congratulations.

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