1951 model 70 Winchester

Derik Green

New Member
Recently I have acquired a model 70 Super Grade chambered in. 270 win. Was wondering how much cleaning and what's the best cleaner for stock. This rifle was a wall hanger for years and is covered with layers of pledge from years of dusting. Just want to get cleaned up without running the risk of devaluation. Would love to go hunt with it. Thanks for your help.
Murphy’s Wood Soap is where I would start. That should clean it back to the original finish. You might have to do it a couple of times. Then I would Pledge it again. My old gunsmith always told me that the best gun cleaner/protectant on the outside of it was Pledge. It has oil to protect the metal and wax to protect the wood. I have used it on my 1969 Win 94 for years. If it was rained on, I just cover the scope lenses, spray on, wipe off and keep on trucking. No rust and the wood looks great. Other than a few dents and ding, you would never know my rifle has been used.

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