1. Mennoniteman

    The Number One Best Food Plot For Deer

    What is the best "Food Plot" species that can be managed for deer? Or, what are some simple, yet complete systems of "multiple species" that a beginner could plant and manage to provide food and/or habitat for Whitetail Deer? What are some more complicated plots that take more time, money, and...
  2. Mennoniteman

    Now is the Time for Clover Plot Maintenance

    This past Saturday I threw a 200 gallon tote of water on the back of my truck and sprayed some of my small clover plots for weeds. This is probably the most important thing that I do all year for these plots, in fact, it may be the only thing I do all year for some of these plots. A food plot...
  3. Winesburg Duroc

    Questions for a Beginner - Good Clover Seed & Soil Test?

    I plan to put in my first food plots this spring on a 100-acre property. It's in SE Ohio, so very hilly. Soils are decent. For now, I'm planning to start with clover - probably 2 acres in 3 different plots, which I'm hoping to frost seed in late February or March, depending on the weather. I...
  4. F

    Plot is in the ground!

    I tilled my half acre food plot yesterday (Saturday). Then I spread 5 pounds of white clover, 10 pounds of medium red clover, mixed into 40 pounds of oats. For the oats I just picked up a bag of feed oats at Farm and Fleet. Then I spread 40 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds. Then I raced the...
  5. F

    Dakota brand Clethodim label question

    I was reading the label and saw this "For use on: Alfalfa, Asparagus, Bean and Pea (dry shelled)1, Bean and Pea (Succulent)2, Broccoli, Cabbage, Canola, Carrot, Cauliflower (and other Head and Stem Brassica Vegetables)3, Celery, Clover (grown in Idaho, Oregon and Washington only)...