A FYI if you have a loved one you think might be a candidate for a nursing home

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    I don't do other social media besides a few outdoor forums but feel this message might help someone on here perhaps.

    I recently had the opportunity to try and get my mom into a nursing home. What I found out is that one has to have 4 covid shots in order to qualify to get in or have a 7 day confinement with no visitors/family during that time. My mom had 3, was in the hospital and their pharmacy didn't have a covid shot in stock and no place that gave covid shots/boosters could/would come into hospital to administer one.

    If you truly have a need for a nursing home for a loved one, make sure they get their 4 covid shots so they will be eligible when the time comes. I have 3 family members in the healthcare industry and none of them had heard of this requirement prior to this. Just trying to get the word out. This was in NE.
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