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I ordered 100 southern crabapple and 100 american persimmon trees bareroot 2ft seedlings from my state forest service. (100 was the smallest quantity) I am trying to plot out how many I can plant at my farm, and sell the rest. I have 1/4 acre plot I will be filling, but the rest will be planted along road edges in a straight line.

Most important, How far apart would you space the crabapples and the persimmon?
Would you group all of them together, alternate 1 then the other, or put them in groups of 5?

I have about 10 assorted pear trees I caught on sale at lowes last year that are doing well, but I have no experience planting this number of trees. If im going to make a mistake, I'd rathe rnot do it on this scale.
The pear trees from Lowe's are probably semidwarfs so for those I space 20-25 feet apart. Everything else I would space 30-35 feet.
That much? I was thinking 15 to 20, they will all run east west to maximize sunlight if that makes a difference.
The pears you may get away with that, with seedling I always assume a standard tree with anywhere from a 30-40 ft crown, if you want to plant them vloser go ahead because they won't grow into each other for several years and you can remove some at that point.
I know you can graft the males into females, but would it be wise to go ahead and plant close spacing, then cut down males and then only grafting where 3 or 4 male trees in a row? I only have room for a max of 50 of each tree, so i essntially have 2x as many trees as I can plant.
They claim you can expect around 50% to be male and female. You also can plan to lose some trees for one reason or another. So it may not be a bad idea to plant them close and see what survives then if need graft a few over to female trees later on.

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