Looks like Red Buckeye to me. There are probably 2 - 4 different varieties of buckeye down your way - all in the Horse Chestnut family if I remember correctly.
Googled it and you are correct. The flowers and shoots are poisonous and "indigenous people crushed these parts and put them in water to stupefy fish for easier capture."
Actually the seed, bark and leaves are poisonous as well.

When I was a kid, old timers told me that one side of a buckeye was poisonous and the other side wasn't. And that squirrels knew which side to eat and which one to leave alone. They actually believed that and I did too for a long time.

It is true that squirrels will cut on them some. I've read that they are the only animal that has immunity. If cows eat them it's bye bye.
It they are at all like the buckeye I have they are pretty useless from a wildlife and timber perspective unless you want something to cut on with a pocket knife. Mine meet the chainsaw!