Thoughts on ice ball


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I first saw this doe in early November with a small amount of blood near the back of her jaw and her neck fur was wet looking. We had a cold spell the first two weeks of November and she developed an ice ball on her neck. I though maybe she had an open wound that was weeping and would heal up. The other night I saw her when I was outside and took a picture of her. When she ran off I saw the ice ball fall so I took a picture of it. It is larger than a softball and pretty clear. I have a lot of trail cam pictures of her and have seen her about a dozen time while hunting. It looks like the ice start at the back of her mouth or near the back of her jaw. She seems healthy other than the ice. Just looking for some other thoughts on the ice from another group of people. IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0057.JPG
I bet it’s frozen drool/saliva, but I’ve never seen that before. Interesting.
Update on ice ball. I watched her through the window from the house this afternoon with the binoculars. The ice ball seems to have disappeared, I could still see the spat where the hair ripped off when the piece of ice fell off from her. There looked to be a lump under her skin at the back of her jaw.