Storing nuts in fridge


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question, I’ve heard people using different media for storing (cold stratifying) their seeds. Seems like most guys use moist paper towel and some guys use damp peat moss. This is my third year doing this but I had great success first two years. I’ve just been storing the nuts in bags of soil. Seems like this would be the best replicator of nature would it not? Is there an advantage I am not seeing in the paper towel method?
I also have always kept the bags sealed but I think most guys poke holes or leave the bags cracked open.
Personally I’ve never had a problem wrapping them in a damp paper towel and placing in a ziplock bag. Anything will work that will keep them damp but not too wet. Check them every couple of weeks or so and discard any that look moldy.

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I think peat moss helps keep the mold at bay. I have used both peat and paper towel both work fine. Right now my stockpile is just acorns in a ziplock, need to get something put in there. Since I moved I have not got the beer fridge plugged back in, I want the wife to be able to see the acorns not just a bag of dirt and throw them away out of her fridge!