Spacing - planting oaks amongst white pine

Jerry D

We have an area of white pine on our property where the canopy is opening up and undergrowth is starting. 4 acres...

I figured it would be great time to plant some nice oak seedings amoung the trees before the other under growth takes it over.

What spacing would you recommend between trees.

I was thinking 15x15 or so because some won't make it. 20x20 might be a little sparse. With 20x20 I have enough trees. Closer spacing I'd need to do it over 2 years.

The white pine were planted in rows about 10' apart.. I'll probably do every other row of pines with oaks to stay organized and maybe alternate red and white because I have 250 of each.

I'm trying to get my hands on some swamp white oak too.

Sounds like a good plan?
I am in NS and have direct seeded 100's of SWO, etc.

If you have enough seed you can plant a lot in hopes some take. Competition is a big deal with oaks. I planted a lot of trees near fir etc and many are being swallowed by them. Pines likely will do the same. Unless you are willing to thin you may see big losses.

Where do you live in ON? I may be able to point you to some SWO.
I always planted as many as i could afford or my back could stand and years later thin out the losers. Crazy thing about these oaks. They grow much better when i forget them for a few years. Then i walk through and wish id planted more.