signs of life....


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My clover plots will be 5 years old in the spring. So I guess they are approaching the end. They got completely neglected this year, unfortunately. They were bushhogged 2 weeks ago. I went back last week and spray cleth. Never sprayed it this late so not sure how it will turn out. I went back yesterday and I was surprised how much clover is coming through now that it's been cut. Hopefully the grass will die off and I will be back in good shape. I may broadcast some more seed in a couple off weeks if the grass is killed good. But don't want to waste seed if I will be killing it off to replant next summer anyway.
After a long dry spell following my late spray, we have had plenty of warm temps and rain over the last month. At least half the grass was killed off by the spay. I was using the wand on a 30 gal tank so I'm sure I missed quite a bit, may be the reason some died dome didn't. But the clover seems to be doing great now. The deer and turkeys are hitting it, but the acorns are getting plenty of attention as well. Surprised how many deer are in the fields considering the acorn crop. Make squeeze a couple more years out of these plots.
I had a field of good clover for over 15 years until I decided to put beans in it. I would wait until fall and just throw wheat in it before a rain and brush hog it a few times a year and spray the grasses when needed.
I think you can baby clover along for a long time just doing what your doing. You might have to go in and frost seed some if you keep it short and don’t let it go to seed.
There should be no need to ever kill off a clover plot to reseed clover. With overseeding/ frost seeding as needed, mowing every now and then, and spraying cleth on grass as needed, it should last forever. But I understand what you are saying, if a clover plot has been neglected for to long and there's very little clover left you may want to just spray/disc and kill everything and reseed on fresh dirt. But, although clover grows like a weed, new seedings are slow to establish, and won't be a nice food plot for a half a year. So it's a judgement call on what's currently there, as to whether it's that bad that you should start over.