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Better that this happens now rather than deer season I guess. Goes to show you that anything can happen to anyone, and that everything happens for a reason. Never would have thought my 25 year old leg would have done this when I was shifting weight playing in a slow pitch softball league. Be careful out there everyone! Thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated!

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Ouch! It will heal and you will be able to tell when weather fronts are changing without a forecast in the future...

When I was 16 I broke my right leg in 7 places. Back then they apparently didn’t use hardware so they popped it back into place as close as they could and then a cast from my toes to my groin...when it was time to come off they realized it grew back somewhat crooked and wanted to re-break it and start over. Told my mom I wouldn’t be able to walk by 30 because I would wear my ankle out...she gave me the choice and I said no. In my 50’s now and still walking fine other than always wearing out my right shoe quicker than my left.

Ended up breaking my right knee 3 months after getting out of my cast...motorcycle wreck...motocross was heck on my body...

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Wow. Well the good news is that the break doesn't involve a joint, so if they got the alignment right, you shouldn't have a lot or any arthritis.

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Been there, done that. They heal quick. Also if they take the screws out, there is very little pain afterwards. Trade the crutches for one of those rolling deals you kneal on

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Gotta love "contact" sports.....and yes I joke about softball being a "contact" sport. I broke my wrist playing basketball (white guys should not try to dunk), and the same hand a few weeks after getting that cast off playing beach volleyball..... Had a cast on my right hand/arm for so long I learned how to write left handed... almost became damn near amphibious (Donnie Baker joke). Had a buddy in college with a similar injury as yours from playing racquetball.....

Hope all goes well and listen to the Dr.! Do any of the PT that they tell you to do as well. I see it all the time about how people complain about how a injury or surgery didn't do as expected, yet they never did the PT and ended up in worse shape.

Since you play softball - if you have not seen this should. I played ball as a kid and softball in college and afterwards..... As long as they keep scouting I'm gonna keep play'n!


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Dang man that looks bad. I had my share of injuries playing softball myself but my ribs were the only bones I broke. I wish you a speedy and thorough recovery.


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Wow what a freak fracture. Almost compound. Can't believe it broke that way. Good luck on healing and speaking from experience of several broken bones, they won't bother you till you hit 50 and then they will revive the memories. Rather break doing something fun than tripping in the driveway is the way I always looked at it. And plus, women love scars. Get well.