Random spring pics and projects


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I love this time of year.

Splitting and stacking firewood for next winter.



Beautiful green plots and full waterholes.



Sawtooths with brand new leaves.


We got 60 acres of longleaf pines planted last week. Final project will be burning another 40 acre section of 10 year old pines.
I agree with you guys. It’s my favorite time of the year to be at the farm. I’m a little further south, everything is starting to green up. I got an early start on cutting and burning cedars. My son and I also got a few more Dirtbike trails cut in. It’s pretty fun to ride this time of year.

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Yessir...Love me some green-up time of the year! Down south...it means lots of afternoons with a bit of haze in the air from all of the controlled burns taking place. Added a little more haze last week at the farm when we burned and planning on the same at the house later this week.

Love Spring! The only season that I hate to see go. As for summer down south...always glad to see it go.
I like springtime but October rocks my world. Bow in hand, leaves changing colors, rubs showing up and cruising bucks.

My spring project is building benches for the greenhouse to get rootmaker 18s up off the gravel to increase air flow to the roots and help my old back out with less bending over.

Cutman, your place looks great.
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Envious of that beautiful stack of firewood. We have been cutting beaver felled elm trees, locust trees and the random fallen cottonwood branch along the river for wood. We enjoy a good fire during the winter here but are surrounded by ponderosa pines that I hate burning.

Last trip to central KS last weekend, the morning temp was 19 degrees. So sort of ready for temps that feel like spring but guessing we may skip spring here this year.

Nice to see your pictures. And beautiful dog!
Spring is almost over, but the projects continue.

We have firebreaks going around the longleaf pine stand so that we can burn. The firebreaks are very uneven because the forestry commission butchered them with their heavy equipment.

I borrowed a friends tiller this weekend and smoothed everything out as best I could. I then ran a Perfecta over the tilled dirt to make it even smoother. It turned out so well that I planted one long strip.


The dogs found a coon den with a momma and babies. They were quite proud of themselves.