Prairie Dog Hunt

Ed Brodt

Just got back from a two day prairie dog hunt in South Dakota. Absolutely fantastic. Shot from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM Never ran out of targets. There were three of us and we each shot around 600 rounds total. Shortest shot was 188 yards longest shot taken was 650 yards. longest kill was 400 yards. 15 MPH wind humbled us until we got the hang of it. If interested send me an E-Mail and I will give the details on the outfitter. 5 star lodging and food to go along with the hunt.
Sounds like fun ! We used to bowhunt antelope on a certain ranch in Wyoming that had two p dog towns. The first guy to tag a goat always took his rifle to the dog town and entertained himself until the other tagged out. It was so much fun that a time or two I was tempted to shoot any goat just so I could get in on the p dog shooting !:)
On June 10, 2017 a 17 yr old boy, Daryl Martin was shot in the head and killed in a tragic accident while hunting prairie dogs in South Dakota. He was my second cousin's son, lived in Iowa. A reminder that firearms safety has to be every hunters top priority. Enjoy the hunt. BUT BE SAFE.