Pear tree sun exposure


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How much space do you need inbetween mature trees to get 6 hours of sunlight. I have a road that runs north and south I want to plant some pear treas on. The road has mature pine trees on one side and mature hardwoods on the other. The road is probably 20ft wide. Will this work? Also if your planting on field edges how close to the timber can you get and still get plenty of sun?

Turkey Creek

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Quite a bit of space. Easiest way I have found is to make a site visit at various times of day this time of year and flag the edge of the sunlight and then do so every few hours that way you can see how much sunlight any one particular location is getting. Remember as the trees do get some height they will be in the sunlight a bit more than when the first start out. If you are within 20' of tall timber with no over hang you will get about 7-8 hrs of sunlight during the growing season. Morning sun is preferable over late day sun for fruit trees.