Opening Day Bear


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Just got back from a bear hunting trip to Ontrario. Shot this one opening night dressed out a little under 300 pounds. Great trip lots of bear seen and shot in the camp. Can't wait until August 15th next year. Group went 8 for 8 the first week.


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Last year I shot a chocolate color phase bear with a white circle on the chest. Color phase in Ontario is pretty rare. He has a few in the are most years but it is pretty hit and miss.

We go to Thaddeus Lake Lodge to hunt and fish. The camp is on a 3 lake chain with great fishing on all lakes. Walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and muskie. Have hunted in five different camps in Ontario and this is by far the best camp. For bear hunting I am not sure how it could get any better. Last year camp went 31 for 33 on bears and this year they are 17 for 17 through the first two weeks. Pretty much booked for 2018 and 2019 is filling up fast.


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Nice job. I would like to go back to Canada and hunt another. I shot one in 2010 about the same size as the one you have posted. Where I went last time didnt offer fishing. I shot my bear on the 3rd day of the hunt and the rest of the 7 day hunt was then wasted.
Shot it the first night and managed to make it out fishing after everything was packed up to go home the last night. Had too much fun running the baits, checking the cameras, and bsing in camp to fish. Every year we say we are going to fish but it always gets pushed on the back burner. Maybe next year.