October clover planting


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I've attempted a couple different times to get my clover planted this fall. Attempting around September 1st, then mid September, and now looks like Monday next week (Oct 1). All sorts of issues pushing this date back.

Anyways, am I still in good shape ? It will be in Northen/mid Ohio. And I will be doing Durana with a cover crop of winter Rye. I read Durana likes a little cooler soil to germinate anyways. Hope I'm not pushing that envelope....

I think the problem would be if you get enough roots to make it without winter killing. The way growing seasons seem to last longer into the fall, you may be fine. You'd only be out the seed. Anymore, I frost seed a lot of mine.
I think you will be okay on the clover. A month earlier would be better, but water under the bridge. Perfect timing for the rye. Looks like mild temps in the next 2-3 weeks, I nice rainfall after planting would help kickstart both. Agreed on the frost seeding in spring if the clover is thin in spots, which it may be given the root systems will have limited time to develop before the first freeze. If you can find it, throw in a little ladino with the mix, i've had great luck with it in central indiana.
Sounds good. I'll push on. Maybe frost seed some Ladino next spring as insurance. Thanks for the replies