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Wife has been sick and had to go to the hospital. It's been a rough week. Now I come home from work to check on, feed, water animals and find that we have new additions.

This is the original find.


Then I come back inside to wash up after I separated the other three adults we have and get a glass of water. I realize on of the dogs did not come back in so I went back out to see where he was. I just shook my head because I could tell by the sound it was more than one baby. I was inside ten minutes and walk out to the find momma not having the second but third baby. Triplets. It's Gona be a long night. Momma is cleaning them up good. There is hay in there but I will put some more in. 330 alarm is gona suck for sure.



I think all you cattle guys need to come to SC and help me out! Talk about overwhelming.
Nice. We have livestock too. Great way to raise a family and food as well as gain wildlife insights. Good luck with the long day.
You should start some of that goat Yoga there doing out west. I guess it's booked for months. Literally. People are in line to do Yoga amongst baby goats, in the pen.

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I checked on them this morning at 4 before I left for work. All are doing fine. The little white one was in a corner behind some wood where mom couldn't get to him/her so I moved her back. Mom I mediately started cleaning the baby. So far she is being a good mother. I was hoping for only one and understood we may have two but three surprised me.
Life can tend to throw a lot at you at once. It might be time to find out who your true friends are. First of all I hope all is well with your wife. Those babies sure are cute. I hope they all pull through in good shape. Keep us posted. Love the pictures.
While I miss having livestock around the farm, I sure don't miss midnights in the pasture with the vet pulling calves from skittish heifers.

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