Name this plant- growing in woods understory


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Please identify
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That looks familiar, like Ive seen it before. I thought Native would have chimed in by now.
It may help if you told us where this is located.
My old rant...posters on these forums should be required to show some sort of location.
Thanks Tap:

Located in NW Ohio. Pics were just taken last week, if that also helps with its looks.
Plants early in the growing season aren't always easy to ID. The leaves often emerge in temporary colors like the ones in your pics. It would be helpful for some additional pics in a few weeks. Show close ups of the stems, too...even cross sections of stems is sometimes the key to ID. Also, take a whiff of cut stems or leaves. Some plants like spice bush will have a distinctive aroma.
Where is Native Hunter, or Massey when you need'em?

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This is one I am not 100% on, because it doesn't grow on my land. However, I think it is Rusty Blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum). If it is what I think, you might find some mature plants nearby, and they can be distinguished later on by their blooms and fruit.

Keep your eyes open for white flowers followed by blue fruit.