Interested in dove plots.. but can't hunt them! Alternatives?


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I've always been interested in food plots for dove hunting, but here in Michigan we can't hunt doves. What other types of game birds can you get to feed in one of these fields? I have a 1 acre field that I would like to turn into some type of bird plot. I do have grouse on my property, but I'm not sure what they would like the best.

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Milo, millet, sorghum, sunflowers, partridge pea, buck wheat......

Benne/sesame, corn...that's all I can think of (including the ones Doc said above). When I mowed some strips of corn yesterday you wouldn't believe the bird life drawn to it within minutes.

Chufa for turkeys but they are the only bird I've seen eat it. Ducks will love it if you can flood it but I can't flood mine.