I guess they ran out of material, so....


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Seems the folks who publish the Lake Magazine Lake Martin, Alabama ran out of things to write about and decided to include an article about some garden growing on a pier. Seems like a pretty neat garden.



Now you need to do a follow up article on using your special dock dirt that comes in a shiny bag with a big tomato one it and sell the crap out of it to the wannabe dock gardeners.
Amazing concept and congratulations on the recognition. It's obvious that lots of work went into making that garden, but I also see hours of enjoyment!
Very nice and inspiring article! That's a great way to increase waterfront and reap the benefits of full sun, lot's of dew and weed free breezes. Thanks for sharing your garden with us.
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Gonna be at the Lake this weekend, may have to see if I can see it in person. Really cool.
Will be here after church and all day Monday but the August heat has taken a bite out of the garden.
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