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This is an old google earth image that doesn't show current food plot. The area market sits south of a levy, north of the levy I have 3 acres of standing beans.

I have a box blind on top of the levy. I'm having a buddy doze this highlighted area bare to the ground. I plan to plant a fall plot.

My question... what to do with trees and shrubs that get dozed? Pile them in one spot and burn? Should I use to block an area or create a screen? Curious your opinions.

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Problem is it has been so thick I'm not really sure where they come in and out. Would you just create your own and hope they use it?

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^^^ this. You can give them a way in/out or they'll find a way. Either way you've narrowed their options and that gives you an advantage. If you plan it well and your dozer operator understands what you want you can put their pathway where it best suits you with regards to wind direction, stand sites, etc.
use them as funnels like stated above... if it doesn't work get the tractor out pull them into middle of plot in winter and burn them
I agree with the others. Use that material to better define a movement pattern of the deer that is to your advantage. Either use it to "force" them to enter a plot in a certain location or use it to keep the deer from being able to access an area you don't want them.
I think making push piles and additional habitat would beneficial to the area.

I would be a litte concerned with the dozer taking too much topsoil and reducing the soil fertility. I would want to make sure as much of the top soil is saved and not pushed off the site. If you had access to one of the bobcats with the brush and tree clearers, I would go that route.
I agree that you could stack the timber on the sides to funnel deer, but I can't abide the untidy appearance of brushpiles, so I burn mine and use whatever is suitable for firewood.

If your operator is removing the topsoil, he's not an operator, he's what we always called a "hat". Lots of folks can "drive" equipment, but if you are a true operator, there will be very little topsoil moved.
Brush piles for rabbits and quail, or screening/blocking for plot perimeter...I don't see how you can go wrong. The same is true when you have an area logged; those tops provide plenty of opportunities to augment habitat.