Grafters. Question?


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Any of you ever have a graft do this? Trying to figure out what the deal is. I know the picture is awful so I will try to explain. The rootstock is a three year old seedling that I started from a seed out of a Ambrosia apple. The scion is from a Red Rome that I cut back in February. I made the graft in March, and as you can tell took to the rootstock well. The issue is that all summer the scion will put out buds like it has in the picture but then the ends of the leaves start to turn black and eventually they all die and fall off. It'll sit like that a few weeks, and then new buds will break--but never grow. Any ideas what is going on? I have a few other trees on seedling rootstock that I started without any issues.
Bum Graft.JPG
Why did you cut the scion back so hard after it grew that much? I assume with that much callous that it had put on significant growth at some point previously?
It had put on ZERO growth. That is the issue. The wood above the buds that are there now had died. Those leaves that are there now are curling and turning black on the ends, just like every bud that has started to grow since the grafting. I believe these two buds are the 7th and 8th ones to try to grow on that scion this year.
Here's a little better picture of how all the buds have done this summer. About to just say the heck with it and try again next year. NEVER had an issue like this.

Bum Graft.JPG