Field Borders


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I'm considering putting 100 foot border along all my crop fields for food and cover .
I really want to do bi color Lespedeza because the farms I have seen with it are loaded with deer and small game.

I know some on here have expressed it's invasive characteristics. Thought I would get your ideas before I went ahead and went with it .

Pro, cons, alternatives .

If you make another suggestion then let me know how hard it is to get established please.
I would say select something other than sericea lespedeza. lt will cause you heartache and is tough to deal with. I think of it as an erosion plant.

So Kubota and I agree on this choice - avoid this plant.
Sericea Lespedeza was never a consideration for me. I did as well.

Bi-color Lespedeza is a totally different plant though . It is a flowering shrub that gets 4 to 6 feet tall and stays loaded with blooms .

I guess I had do a better job of reading next time. :rolleyes:

Thanks for pointing out the difference. I guess I will read up on the one you are considering. Live and learn.