East Central Georgia Property


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This is my first hunting property. It is mid-50s in acreage located near Swainsboro, Georgia and is surrounded on three sides by large timber company property. I bought the property this Spring and have been working on renovating the two bedroom cabin, exploring the property, figuring out what kind of game visit the property and getting it ready for hunting season. Being a small parcel and my first property, my goal was to bag a deer this year.

The west side of the parcel is a high sandy pine ridge. There is a field approximately four acres in size in the middle of the property. Moving towards the east side of the property there is an old pond site and lowlands with weather creeks and year round water sources. The far east side of the parcel slopes back up to a nice pine ridge adjacent to a thick lowland. The property had not been hunted for years but the sellers told me that the east side of the parcel holds the best deer. There is also an old farm house on the property.

By late spring I started seeing lot of blackberries fruiting and a nice orchard of wild plums. By mid-summer I started identifying American persimmons. They began dropping in mid-August and as of last week still had a good amount of the fruit still holding.

In August I put out two Moultrie 30 gallon quick load feeders -- one on the east pine ridge and another in the five acre field where there was little sign of game movement but would make a great field to hunt in. I put out four Moultrie game cameras (one M-888 and three A-20s) -- one on the pine ridge on the east side of the parcel, one in the big field, one where a small creek crosses an opening, and one near a creek in a small opening next to large hardwoods.

Here's a photo progression of the land since I bought the property this Spring.

One side of big field

Big field with persimmon trees in the foreground

Old pond site

Our dog exploring the property up by the cabin

Chickasaw plums

Peach tree

Not sure what fruit this is

Close up

Here's a persimmon tree that was full of persimmons this summer

Here's the tree late summer

Same tree last week

Not a single persimmon on the ground, but clear there has been a lot of activity under the tree

That peach-looking fruit is a nectarine which is actually just a smooth-skinned peach. I have a "peach" tree that, in some years, produces both peaches and nectarines.
Nice place, I don't know much about Georgia so I am looking forward to following your property tour. Looks like your off to a good start with the fruit trees.

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Beautiful place you have. That old pond site looks like a great ambush spot. Little kill plot in there, if it doesn't flood. You have lots of options!

Look forward to watching your progress.