Deer feed?

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Not really sure where to put this topic. Does anybody supplement feed deer with cattle cubes, etc? Trying to figure out what to put in my troughs for them this late spring and summer in addition to the food plots I have.
I use Record Rack (20% protein I believe). If I had access to feed made st a local mill I would use that instead.
50% Record Rack Sportsman and 50% Record Rack Golden Deer Nuggets. It lowers the protein % a little and ups the fat content a little. We tried several other feeds and this is the one they eat the best/most. It is higher in costs than some and cheaper than others and seems to be the appropriate healthy mixture for deer. I would really like to try some of their '"Breeder" Formula mixed with the Sportsman, but nobody around here carries it and I would have to order it.
Cattle cubes are not a good choice and in fact should be avoided. Go with any of the commercial brands designed for deer. Purina is usually available in most places. Another economical choice that has consistent quality and has grown as many trophy bucks as anything is 16% calf mana. Its all they used in the Ms. State research pens.

There are a lot of things to consider when implementing a supplemental protein program and it is very easy just to throw a lot of money away with no benefit. Non target predation, loss to rain, lack of consistency, insufficient saturation just to name a few.
I've used 13% protein pellets mixed with corn in the past but now I'm using Creep feed in one of my feeders to see if attracts more deer than the others. In the past when using just the protein pellets I know the deer either got tired of it or didn't need it. But when I mixed corn with it they came back to it,and it flowed better through the feeder with corn. I put cameras on the feeders so I can monitor the visits and see which one needs some coon control done.
Our local tractor supply ran out of Record Rack and we put creep feed in. It took the deer almost a month to eat it compared to every couple of weeks for the Record Rack. We also used to mix our pellets with corn. It dumps the protein level by almost 1/2 and drew in more coons than a person ever wants to see. We still have coons with the straight pellets, but it isn't like it was.
We use a product that’s produced locally called Buck Ration. It’s whole corn and roasted soy beans. The roasted beans give off a peanut butter like aroma and our deer love the stuff. They have two blends. One with 16% protein and one with 20%. We feed the 20% stuff and keep it out 24/7 365 in self serve feeders.

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