Corrupted folder on SD!


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My dad brought me his SD card that has 300 to 400 trail cam pics on it that he has collected over the past few years...... I'm not a computer wiz by any stretch.....but is there ANYTHING I can do to potentially recover these files?????
I know that they have SD card recovery software available, but I've never personally tried any. They are more for if you format your card, or if you accidentally delete them though. Not sure if they would work on a corrupted card though.

I've had this happen to me before as well and I get rid of that memory card and don't use it anymore from fear of it happening again.
Do the simple things first. Try opening it on several different computers. Plug it into the computer, then go to app (like fs viewer or anything comparable) start at the top left where it say "file" click, find "open" prompt then work your way back to the drive that has the sd in it and select it and see if it opens
I agree with what the others have said.

Also try briskly cleaning each individual contact with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.
HAh! I'm not sure how - but I fixed it and was able to recover the pics!!!!
I left out re-boot the computer. Computers can be as finicky as a cat. The more crap that's on them the worse they get. I have my own lap top and run Linux Mint instead of windows 10. I keep the apps to a minimum unlike others in my family. Glad you got it open. Be sure to back up the stuff you'd hate to lose.