Convenient way to get accurate food plot dimensions


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I suggest everyone check out the "Agriplot"smartphone app. I've been using it on my iPhone for a few years.

Great tool to get accurate measurements of irregular shaped food plots for calculating lime / seed / fertilizer, etc.

The math for all those expensive things is no good if the acreage calculations are wrong to begin with. Junk in = junk out.


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I use "draftlogic area calculator" on the pc. When we were working with utilities to run electric and water I used draftlogic's distance calculator and it was always within a few feet of the surveyors measurements.

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I use an app called Land Calculator. For my irregular plots I just open the app and either walk the perimeter or drive the perimeter on my ATV.
I use Google Earth pro for rough area calculations on my food plots. Seeing that I'm a land surveyor by trade, you'd think I would just pace it off and compute it in my head, but Google is much easier if you can decipher from the imagery where your plot is.

Also; most county's have very good GIS database's that you can access remotely that show rough property lines, and you can compute acreage and distances as well.
X2 for Google Earth Pro. You can get the Pro version for free if you use code (GEPFREE) when the license box comes up. Very useful for calculating area of food plots, sanctuaries, and marking almost anything on your property. I added a topo layer and it gives me almost everything I need in a mapping tool.