Columbia River, Portland Area Fishing


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I am going to be in the Portland OR - Vancouver WA area on business in August. Thinking about booking a day of fishing on the river. From the research I have done should be a good time to get into some salmon? Anybody got any experience? Guides you've used? Never fished salmon before so 100% rookie on this end.
never fished it but it's some awesome scenery up there. I did hike a couple of trails on the Oregon side.
Yes sir. Drove around a little on last years trip. Saw enough to know I need to add a day or two this round!
Me and my buddy had our Chinooks by 830 am. Then the bite shut off and we fished another 5 hours before one of the other guys in the boat caught one. Very good time!


Had a little competition. End of the day we had some of the biggest fish at the shed.

Can't wait to go back next year.

This guy could butcher some fish! All for a $5 bill.

Then they went to an industrial vac sealer. Ended up with 8 packages of wild salmon fillets. Packed it around a couple of airports and finally back to KC. Now just have to figure out how to cook it. First round is tonight.

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Booked a 2 day trip several year ago during the prime week for salmon.
The 1st day was for sturgeon fishing and we had a blast...caught a few in the 270 to 300 pound range.
The 2nd day was for salmon. Had high hopes that it would be world class fishing. It was a complete bust and it wasn't just our boat. Backlights at the ramp, all the other guides were huddled around talking about how bad it was and they never saw anything like it.'s never a guarantee.
PM me if you want more details.
One of our sturgeon...
I limited out on sockeye salmon in 20 mins (only 3 fish per person). Alaska is a little more pricey of a trip though...

Anybody wants a good, reasonably priced salmon trip, and MONSTER kings (chinook), look at Lake Ontario. You can get them there before they get in the rivers and start to get mushy.