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Wheres the best place to buy these?I bought some a couple years ago but don't remember where,I read where sometimes they wern't easy to start from seed.I do haqve some seed and will try those also
Just last week they were loaded with nuts and since they are caged figured there would still be some but checked tonight and they were all gone
I looked for a supplier the other day and had trouble finding any for sale. The ones that did have some for sale had very bad reviews for the companies. If you find a reliable source please let me know. old are your trees that are producing?
I think 2 years since I planted seedling,neither one is over 4 ft tall
I think you planted them in 2017. You gave me a handful from your bundle and I planted some at my place and some at my parents. I have 3 that haven't died yet and are barely bigger than the day they were planted. They have 4 or 5 leafs each yr. Every one of them at my parents place died. It's crazy that we can live so close each other and have completely different growing conditions. Of course you are very sandy on your place and I'm almost all clay and rock. That kind of makes a difference....