2 for 1 - Fruit and weed ID


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I had found about 10 of these bushes/trees on my tree line. The fruit is variable shades of orange/yellow/red. Trees all look to be about 9-10’ tall. Any thoughts? I realized after I left that these are the best pics so I’ll update if nobody can help.

Meanwhile this weed below is all over my farm. Some of these weeds are 8’ tall! It has completely taken over one of the plots I am prepping. Any ideas? Is it worrisome or should a quick mow take care of it?


Thanks for the help!

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Sam, your weed is Conyza Canadensis (aka Horseweed or Marestail). One plant can produce 250,000 seed, so don't expect it to disappear anytime soon.

If you mow it early, I have seen it adapt to the mowing and still manage to make a few seed on a short stalk. However, if you wait until it matures (but before it makes viable seed) and mow it then, it can't recover. If it isn't completely choking out the plots, let it go a little longer and then mow it.

It's an annual so doesn't come back from the roots. it has to come back from seed. Even when you get the ones in your plots, you will usually have a few seed drift in from the surrounding area.

Would like to see some better pics of your trees. Especially leaves and fruit. I think it is plum but would like clearer pics to make sure.
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as far as the marestail goes, goodluck killing it, our farm fields are overrun with it and it fights any spray you mix up
Only thing I have found to phase marestail is brushkiller (crossbow/crossroad). It's gly resistant here.....I actually think gly just pisses it off and it spreads ion retaliation!

If you wait until they are ripe and same some seeds if it is a plum.....you may be a popular guy later this year with the nut/seed swap thread!
I use crossbow on my lawn and some of the fencelines, cant say i've really tried it on marestail, good idea ill have to next time.