whitetail deer

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    How old is my buck?

    I shot my first buck yesterday(have harvested 4 does in the past few years previous to this). I’m curious about his age. And if this was a good harvest? I hunt on a small 40 acre farm and have a couple of cams setup. I’ve never seen this buck in person or on cam until yesterday. Shot him from...
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    Affordable South Dakota Hunt

    We have openings this fall for rifle, muzzleloader, and archery hunts. Rifle applications are due July 15 but muzzleloader and archery tags are available over the counter. All hunts are 5 days and include your lodging, meals, and guide. We had a fantastic 2016 season with 100% shot...
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    Tough Season. Forget what you know, remember whats important

    My 2016 deer season has been tough in Michigan. Lots of close calls and tough conditions turned my season into a grind by the time firearm got going. It didn't stop there either. I now I'm a tough hunter, but I was letting circumstances get the best of me and I lost track of what I should have...
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    A time for Thanksgiving – Hunting a Lesson in Gratefulness

    I have a lot of friends that don't hunt. Many of them don't understand why I do it. For a long time I have tried to explain why I like to hunt. It usually comes out in a short answer such as "I just really like spending time in the outdoors. You see all kinds of cools stuff out in the woods, and...
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    Here is Extra Motivation for You to Sit All Day

    So I have always been a fan of sitting all day once the rut hits, but sometimes have a hard time getting myself to do it. I often times find myself making excuses to head home for the midday hours of hunting. I'll admit, I just have a hard time sitting past 4 or 5 hours. Even when I know I...