venison sausage

  1. Captain Belly

    DIY Venison Mettwurst - great with kraut

    Here's one that I did that has a little different flavor to it. I found that making a Ruben sandwich with this is the way to eat it for sure. for some reason, it's a million times better when paired with kraut. Of course I use homemade kraut which is superior to canned.
  2. Captain Belly

    DIY Venison Knockwurst - Delicious!

    I eat this for breakfast almost every day. I spear it with a chopstick like a corndog and dip it in mustard. Can't believe how good this turned out. I only made 10 lbs at first and wished I made more. Then a buddy gave me his "extra deer meat" and I made all of it into knockwurst.
  3. Captain Belly

    Venison Sweet Italian Sausage Recipe

    Ok... it's been a while since I've had something worth sharing. THIS IS IT! Made this last weekend, and I cant stop eating it. Absolutely amazing. I'm going to make this every year. Anyways..... hope you enjoy this, and fill your deep freezer with it.