1. B

    Once In A Lifetime Quail Hunting Lease Opportunity in the Rolling Plains of Texas.

    18,000 acres of prime quail hunting habitat. Comes with rustic ranch house lodging. Being offered for the first time in years to no more than 3 hunters/lessees. This is an exclusive and rare offering on several levels: -For a quail hunting lease it is expensive on an out-of-pocket basis...
  2. Shaynelv


    I have been an avid hunter all of my life. Over the past few years I have emerged myself in drone technology which is ome of the largest growing consumer markets worldwide. I know there has been an ongoimg debate about the use of drones to track down and locate game. I have mixed feelings and...
  3. GraceNmercy

    Small Place in East Texas

    Well on the old QDMA forum I used to post all my update each time I went up to work as some of you may recall. I couldn't figure out how to save everything so I'm starting over. For those who are new to my post, several years ago I found that my great uncle who lived on our families 33 property...
  4. C

    Annuall hunting lease in Texas

    Does anyone know where I can find an annuall hunting lease in west or central Texas want a 4 to 6 hunter lease!