1. Native Hunter

    The Year of The Oaks

    Over the last few years, you guys have seen me post a lot about persimmons, apples, pears and chestnuts. I still love all those trees, but this year I’m turning my attention to the oak trees that I set out 15-17 years ago. The original planting was done in 2004, but we had a severe drought...
  2. N

    One Gallon RootMaker Grown Seedling for Sale

    Great Plains Nursery located near Weston NE is now offering RootMaker grown seedlings through online sales. Seed is collected around the midwest and grown to produce on of the best root systems on the market. https://greatplainsnursery.com/order-online/ is the link to order. If you are...
  3. Cap'n

    Acorn size matters

    I was looking around online to try to find out if an oak that produces a big acorn, much bigger than the normal size of the other Blackjacks in the area, would continue to have the same genetic trait (producing larger acorns). I know it might be environmental but these acorns are 30% larger than...