1. B

    Once In A Lifetime Quail Hunting Lease Opportunity in the Rolling Plains of Texas.

    18,000 acres of prime quail hunting habitat. Comes with rustic ranch house lodging. Being offered for the first time in years to no more than 3 hunters/lessees. This is an exclusive and rare offering on several levels: -For a quail hunting lease it is expensive on an out-of-pocket basis...
  2. IllinoisPrimeHunting

    Illinois Prime Deer/Turk 271 Acre Hunting Property Lease*** East/Central IL

  3. K

    Tips on buying or leasing hunting land

    I lost my permission spot to hunt this year. I am not the first and I'm sure I won't be the last. It gives me a bad taste toward leasing companies. I am on a tight budget and did not look for a new lease or permission for this season for a number of reasons. I am torn between wanting to join...
  4. C

    Annuall hunting lease in Texas

    Does anyone know where I can find an annuall hunting lease in west or central Texas want a 4 to 6 hunter lease!