1. H

    Bird Game With My Gundog

    Jack is my best friend. I have trained him to hunt birds and waterfowl. He is always eager to go to the family farm in Ocilla, Ga to run and hunt. Rio also rides and sits in the boat while I am fishing. We are both lost without the other. I have enjoyed him being a part of my life, I don’t know...
  2. Couchguy

    A couple of hunting jokes in honor of the season.

  3. Dobre.Butelka

    Telka's Tracking Journal

    Hello! Creating this thread to share Telka's adventures as we prepare for our first season of tracking wounded large game in NY state. I'm Angie & Telka is a female standard smooth dachshund from European lines - shorter back and longer legs than the American bred variety which helps with her...