1. Mennoniteman

    The Number One Best Food Plot For Deer

    What is the best "Food Plot" species that can be managed for deer? Or, what are some simple, yet complete systems of "multiple species" that a beginner could plant and manage to provide food and/or habitat for Whitetail Deer? What are some more complicated plots that take more time, money, and...
  2. J

    4 Sale: John Deere Model 71 Planter - (2) Row w/ Electric Lift

    John Deere Model 71 planter featuring: • 2-row, 30" spacing • Electric lift actuator - for use behind AVT/ need for tractor, 3-pt! • Long harness cable with convenient two-way switch • Heavy tool bar with top link adjuster - important for keeping your planter level • Yetter no-till...