What is your “go to” weapon for deer hunting ?

Discussion in 'Guns/Reloading' started by Drycreek, Jul 17, 2022.

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    Interesting info that I never even considered. I don’t know why I never thought about it seeing as how I load for .44 magnum as well as .44 special and there is certainly a gap in velocity between those two. Of course you still wind up with a big hole no matter the bullet so there’s that.
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    My absolute favorite to hunt with is my .50 caliber TC Encore but that is probably because the time our muzzleloader season is also my favorite time to hunt...last week of October. My absolute favorite firearm that uses smokeless and is my absolute go to in these woods of NE Oklahoma is a Marlin Model 336 in 30-30...nothing exotic and most would scoff at the lowly 30-30 but it always speaks and the deer always falls and since the ranges I shoot are always less than 100 yards it is good to go. I did have a moment of weakness this year and bought a caliber I have always had a romantic type of infatuation with. I read all the books of the old Buffalo hunters and the mighty 45-70 so when I heard Ruger had purchased Marlin and the first gun it would release was the Marlin 1895 in 45-70 caliber I went on the search and finally located one after much trouble. I even found ammo after some searching but I haven’t fired it yet because I want everything to be perfect and as busy as I have been very thing would just be a rush in the heat and I want perfect weather because I want to see if it will be all I thought it would be...no matter the caliber it will be a lever gun...
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    I have an 18" Marlin Guide gun in 45-70 I love as a close range deer gun. I have some bow stands that I hunt during gun season and my shots are at like 40 yards max/ Many times the deer are moving and I cant stop them. A low (1x) scope helps me get on target, and the 300 or 350 grain bullets have never let me down. I back off top loads by about 100fps. The deer don't drop in their tracks but I have never had one go more than 70 yards. It's also one of the least picky guns I have ever loaded for, I'm sighted in for 75 yards (home range limitations) but any load I use seems to print the same place. I just go a 315gr mold from NOE with pins to make HP and FP bullets, but have not had a chance to make any yet, but should save some money as those bullets have gotten expensive!
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