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Discussion in 'Trail Cameras' started by X-farmerdan, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Richmond, Virginia, USDA Zone 7b
    Gaskets and seals on trail cameras are great, except when they aren't. I think we're about 16 inches of precipitation above normal here, and it's really shutdown my picture collection. A lot of my cams are old(er). Opening and closing doors has had the impact of compressing gaskets. Inevitably, with enough moisture, it will find its way inside with undesirable results. I take them down, dry them out, and off they go.

    What to do to keep moisture outside or keep it in-check inside? I see Reconyx sells desiccant sheets, 90 sheets for about 50 bucks. Anybody use them? What about generic silica desiccants?

    And gaskets? Ever replace them? Maybe just run a bead of silicon on top of the old gasket (not glue - gasket material)?

    I know, I know. Buy new cameras!
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    X, I've never had that problem yet. I "lost" a Bushnell once for three years and with a little cleaning up on the contacts it worked fine. It was lying on the ground at the bottom of the tree in about a quarter inch of water. No telling how long it had been on the ground.
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    I've never had an issue, other than a couple Coverts, I use to have.
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    Bear boxes keep the cameras very dry. They add weight and aren’t free but if you’re having issues with wet cams it’s an option.

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    I have had the same issue in the past, more from the snow than rain but I figured out a way to resolve this issue. I have a small rubber mat that I have cut into pieces, just alittle over sized to cover the top of the camera and it extends over both sides. I use the mat like a roof and just slip it behind the camera up over the top and then tighten to the tree. It works for me.

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