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Discussion in 'Food Plots for Wildlife' started by OkieKubota, Aug 24, 2016.

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    I am from WNY and wonder if anybody in my area is using Throw and Grow. Would like to know your mix, planting dates and success.

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    Abbeville County, SC
    I'm reading and thinking about this subject. I have tons of questions. one in particular.

    how can the thatch created by the previous crop being rolled/crimped both supress weeds and benefit the planted crop. I understand the benefits of moisture retention, temperature reduction, pH, earthworms, etc.....but seems to me that would by default also promote the native seed bank.

    granted most of what I read is from ag related articles and the famrers probably have a smaller weed bank than my plots.

    I have fallow fields adjacent to my plots and I have plots planted on top of recently converted fallow fields which contain millions upon millions of seeds.

    i would compare it too the mulch around my fruit trees. it helps alot, but the weeds grow like crazy in the mulch. the main reason the mulch helps reduce weeds is only because it's a great target for herbicide application. now a weed mat.....those babies work!

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