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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Novatrapper, Nov 19, 2020.

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    Hey everyone, haven’t posted on here in a bit but still reading along.
    I found a new spot 4 days ago that had a scrape line running east and west along a brook. There was one of the largest tracks I think I’ve ever seen in the scrapes, so I got excited and stuck up a camera to
    See if I can catch a glimpse of him.
    I had a can of tinks synthetic doe urine (not allowed to use the real stuff here) in my bag and thought I’d spruce things up and gave it one spray.
    Anyhow , there hasn’t been a deer come by there in 4 days.
    Is it possible the synthetic urine drove them off?

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  2. Native Hunter

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    Kentucky (Zone 6B)
    Using Hillbilly logic:

    You will never know if it ran them off - but you now know that it didn't bring them in.....
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    I'd say anything is possible. But, I'm not a fan of anything in a bottle.
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    We can’t use real urine in Tennessee as of last year. I bought my first synthetic this year and so far, I have had pretty good success with it. I bought buck urine and forehead gland to make scrapes.

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  5. Jeff H

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    I'm with Native on this one. We can speculate all day long but you are never going to know for sure. Another thing to consider is what a deer does on my place regarding synthetic lures is not the same as one across the county or sometimes across the road. Why do some like turnips and other don't ? Why is it that my deer can't tolerate turkeys but at the farm on the other side of town the mingle with them daily ? I don't know. I can't get close enough to one to ask. All you can do is experiment and see the reactions yourself (or camera). That's the fun of it anyway.
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    Several reasons why a buck didn’t refresh a scrape, among them being: He smelled your scent and avoided it, bucks abandon scrapes after most does go into estrus, that particular buck is locked down with a doe, or has left the area. Can’t prove a negative, so I’d just leave it up and see what happens.

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