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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeff H, Jun 23, 2020.

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    Wishing them the best Gator in their recovery....
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    I hope your parents can shake this off.
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    Unfortunately yes we know. I have a crackhead sister that lives with them that brought it home. Dad is 75, Mom is 72

    Thanks for everyone caring. They are recovering but it’s a slow road

    I only mentioned it because even being close to the virus, I still don’t believe in the way this country has responded. I believe it’s my job to worry about my health, not the government’s

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    Dang Gator hope your parents heal well soon. My parents are near 90 and I can’t keep them concerned in any way. To quote my mom she’s already lived long enough.
    We do have a friend whose dad passed from the Covid a month ago. Compromised health issues and age.
    And you are so right about the govt and election.

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    I hate to hear of anyone getting this crap, but I believe it’s overblown by the media just as everything else is. They thrive on animosity, tragedy, bad news in general. Without it, they would be irrelevant. If they were irrelevant, they wouldn’t make the millions that they crave. Just about all the social problems in the world are caused by greed and the craving of power.

    I live in the country, virtually in a corner where three counties come together. The cases go up but the deaths have remained almost static for a couple months now in all three. More testing means more positives and I’ve even heard that the tests are not that reliable. Like Okie, I haven’t changed my habits much. If a business requires a mask to enter, then I will, but I’m not wearing one voluntarily. I’m just not that scared of it. Supposedly, since I’m 73, diabetic, carry a pacemaker in my chest, then I’m squarely in the crosshairs. Maybe so, but I won’t live in fear of something that kills no more people than the flu that we’ve been living with for years. So... I’ll just wash my hands, stay away from crowds, use the brain God gave me, like I’ve been doing for most of my life.
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    This is second hand information so take it for what it’s worth. A friend of mine knows a nurse in California and she was wondering why every test she sent in was testing positive For COVID-19, so she took 2 new test out of the package and sent them in to be tested without contaminating them. They both tested positive for COVID-19, so she told the other nurses that she worked with about the results and over the next couple of weeks they sent in 20 tests straight from the package and without contaminating them to be tested and All 20 came back positive. Seems to be something wrong with the results.
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    Just seeing this thread. Gator - Hope your mom & dad recover well.
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