Shelf Life of Herbicides

Discussion in 'Herbicide Info' started by LodgeWI, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Humble suggestion: I think the threads "Herbicide Basics for Food Plots" and "Purchasing Herbicides" should be sticky notes or whatever equivalent that keeps them at the top. Just my $0.02.

    I just bought a couple herbicides that are new to me - Clethodim and 2,4D. I haven't read the labels yet, but will this weekend, when I use them. I thought I'd ask the newbie question - is there a standard shelf life for each chemical and is there a place where they are all listed? I'd like to bookmark it.
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    You can find that info on the SDS. That can be found on the website of the manufacturer or on the CDMS.
    Cleth and 2 4 D are emulsifiable concentrates that have a petroleum carrier. They wont separate or settle out in the jug like a flowable product like Surflan or Princep. Generally if you just keep from freezing and keep it in it's original jug they should last for years.
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    I have both cleth and 24D in their 3rd year and both are still doing the job. I pull them in the basement over winter.

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