Piper (The Swiss Army Knife)

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    He is 8 months old and every 60 days you will see him mature. Stay with the hold conditioning and he will develop the right habit.

    When he drops one at your feet - what does he do then - run off - look at you - want some praise? Some trainers recommend slowly the dog down by having them sit with the antler in their mouth. At 8 months of age we are more concerned about developing the correct habit than setting a course record.

    If you have the dog hold the antler in a sit position and then when the dog is incoming and you have them sit you will soon see him nail it.

    With Perry I keep both hands behind my knees so he don't see them. I drop my hands down and come up to his mouth to get the antler - he never sees my hands coming. When dog anticipates they can get in a hurry and sort of throw the antler at you because they have forward movement from moving fast.

    Scotty likes his nose in the air and holds antlers better when his nose is up. I can take an antler from in an erect standing position most times.

    I say in 30 days you will have it solved. June 2nd at Norm Henderson's Farm. Perry, Scotty and I are going.
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    Training has restarted at the house in hope to get the dogs whipped into shape for their June 2nd hunt test. Oberon has amazing drive when he is focused but wants to please. I am having issues with his hold and delivering to hand but we are working on that. He has an amazing prey drive and I am using that to my advantage. I am working him on the table regular as they do when trainers "force fetch" a dog. I'm just doing it without the stimulus. He's coming around. I'm not worried about him finding the sheds. Just delivering them to my hand. As for Piper she cruises the courses like she's been doing it for a lifetime. Steady and confident is the best way to describe her.

    Traveling with two large dogs has presented a challenge for us. I know in the past throwing the dog in the back of a pickup truck or car and going was the way to go. My wife's SUV is out of the question. It's too nice of a car to have dogs in and out of constantly. Especially considering the weather we've ran in on these hunts. Plus it is 2wd and 4wd had come in handy more than once on these tests. We looked into getting a 4wd suburban to travel in but who wants a $900 a month payment? The most economical and practical solution for us was to by a dog box and travel in my truck. Its 4wd, comfortable on long trips and the kids can all sit in the back if we decide to drag them with us. After a little research and a lot of recommendations from people who have them I went with an Owen's dog box. I like the welded aluminum. I really wanted one with the draw underneath but ended up going with a top storage. It has all season vents so the dogs will be comfortable in the summer and warm during the winter. Piper already chose her side. I will keep everyone up to date. Thanks for following[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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