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Discussion in 'Fruit Trees' started by Bottomland, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I have reached out in years past, but again I am looking for anyone who would like to share unique persimmon scions with me. I have an orchard on my farm in Mississippi planted with nothing but native persimmons (around 30 trees) that my grandfather and I planted in 2012. It won't seem like much but I'm proud to say I had the very first native tree we planted as a tiny seedling grow fruit this past fall.

    I am slowly in the process of grafting other varieties onto these field-planted native trees to create diversity and a season-long buffet. I would love to try some of ya'lls unique trees/varieties, specifically late droppers, large fruit, etc. I will be happy to pay for shipping or reasonably for the scions, or I can trade scions of my own. I have quite a few different pear varieties I can collect scions from. I also have a native persimmon tree I discovered this fall that holds its fruit well into late November/early December. I know very little about it other than I found it along the edge of a ridge top field and it was holding green persimmons while every other native tree was dropping; it dropped its fruit over mid/late november and into early december. Happy to share some of those scions if interested! I plant on grafting some myself.

    PM me if anyone is interested in helping me out! Thanks!
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    It "IS much" to those of us who love baby trees........

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    I have roughly 300 persimmon trees on the farm and some that drop in mid November then some that drop mid September why the difference I have no clue , 2 trees make very large fruit ,,, located Williford Ar.
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    I could get you some Prok scions if you wanted? I also have some natives that drop in sept then oct/nov. I would be interested in maybe giving the one you have a try too.

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