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    Those that follow my Kaleo Hills property tour know that I’ve planted quite a few fruit trees in these first few years of property ownership. Pictured are two of the 24 trees I planted in May 2018. I was surprised to see fruit on two of them already. They all look great and surprisingly the 2019 trees from NWC are already bigger than the 2018 crop, no apples but great looking trees.

    Mount Everest crab planted May 1, 2018:


    Droptine crab planted May 1, 2018:


    I picked the fruit in hopes to prevent a bear from tearing my cages down. It’s been an excellent fruiting year for the existing fruit trees on our place as well. Last year there were almost no apples, this year most trees are loaded.

    We saved this tree while clearing a food plot in September last year. It’s old and looks pretty rough but lots of apples hanging. Variety unknown:


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    They look good.

    I've only had a few little scrubby crabapples from mine so far, but it is very early at this point. The vegetative growth has been excellent so far, and that's what's important in the early years.
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