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    My real name is Adam and I live in Hudson WI. I grew up in Iowa hunting rabbits, pheasant and quail.

    My name Brow_Tine comes from a deer that I saw once that had the longest stickers I had ever seen.

    My mom and dad used to travel and compete in trap and skeet shoots so I had a shotgun in my hands when I was still in diapers.

    I moved up to the Twin Cities\Hudson area back in 2000. I work in the information technology field for a motorcycle accessory company.

    When I moved up here I mainly just did a lot of fishing…..Then I got married to my wonderful wife.

    Several years and 2 beautiful daughters later I realized that my outdoor activities were taking me away from my family more than I wanted to so I chose to just focus on one thing….deer hunting…. and I have never regretted it. (Except when I get buck fever and miss the shot) J

    I almost exclusively bow hunt and have been shooting the same ol’ Browning bow I bought back in 2002.

    Occasionally I will gun hunt deer but my passion is bow hunting.

    I own 20 acres that my cabin is on in rural Barron County and have free access to another 300 acres of private land that I manage.

    I used to be a moderator on for a long time but got away from it for a while then when I went back there the site was pretty much dead. I’m glad I found this site.

    Good Luck this year - Hunt Wise and Hunt Safe
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    Welcome to the board! Thanks for the intro...

    You can start a property tour type thread if you so desire. We have found that we can learn a bunch of what to do and what not to do from reading these threads ;)
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    Welcome to a new home Adam! Lots of experienced folks here and many from up your direction as well. Feel free to jump in with both feet here. Lots of guys here just looking to learn and share, some just getting started to some who have been around the block a few times.
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    Welcome home......:)
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    Welcome Adam. I live close, in North Hudson! Great forum - enjoy!

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